About the Portfolios

I have grouped my images into various “Portfolios” so that you might be able to find images that interest you more quickly. Within each of the Portfolios, images are arranged into Galleries comprising similarly themed images. To view a Gallery within a particular Portfolio click on one of the images below.  Alternatively you can use the “drop down” menu found under “Portfolios”  above. 

Once in a Gallery, to see a larger version of an image, just click on the “thumbnail”. You can then view the images by using the arrow keys on your keyboard or by the arrow icons on the sides. The larger portfolios may take a bit of time to load as all the images get loaded before any of them display. This makes it much faster to scroll through them once they are loaded.

Sometimes you may find the same image in different portfolios. For example, I have placed “Santiago Wall” in both the Urban Detais and Abstract portfolios as it seemed to fit in both. I hope that the repetition doesn’t get annoying.

If you find an image that doesn’t display properly, please let me know. I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed making them!

I also display my images from recent trips or excursions in my  Flickr albums. Albums there contain images from Polar Bears to Viet Nam and from the Tour de France to Scenes of Death Valley.

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